Ben Folds

Ben Folds - Playing piano since he was but a child when his father brought home a piano from a customer would couldn’t pay, Folds has now reached acclaimed success both with his band, Ben Folds Five as well as solo. His hit single with the Ben Folds Five, “Brick” from the album Whatever and Ever Amen garnered much attention and radio play in 1997-8. His latest media stint has been an ode to the improv piano man Merton on chatroulette, playing a concert in Charlotte, NC and singing improv songs to people on the popular website in front of a 2,000 person crowd.

Steel Train

From humble roots busking in New York subways and alleyways, Steel Train emerged from the vision of two friends, Jack Antonoff and Scott Irby-Ranniar. Named after a lyric in a Sublime song the two eventually recruited a few more people and in late 1999 they began recording a demo and eventually got offers from many record labels, eventually choosing Drive Thru Records. The band is known for it’s eccentric live performance and is centered out of New Jersey. They describe themselves as a classic rock band “30 years too late.”


Until recently, Shwa Losben had been funding his music career by acting out illnesses—such as the ever amusing narcolepsy—for medical students to diagnose as part of their medical training. And although this hard-working musician had to fake it with the med students, his musical chops are anything but fabricated.

“Just a Thought” spawned the infectious “Come On,” which The Washington Post named one of the ten best songs of the year and said it packed “plenty of rhythmic vitality and melodic appeal.”

Now armed with “Chop Chop,” his first full length release since 2004, Shwa layers guitars, bass, keyboard, cello, drums and claps, atop precise vocal harmonies to create a melodic and sweetly nostalgic work that displays his depth as a songwriter.